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November 10, 2017

Success stories: detecting metastatic cancer


Pune-based Actorius Innovations and Research (AIR) has developed a test that can detect metastatic cancer cells, also called circulating tumour cells (CTCs), in the blood of patients with breast, colorectal and lung cancers. Such liquid biopsy tests were ranked third among the top 12 disruptive technologies in oncology and cancer treatment by the World Medical Innovation Forum 2016.

The company’s OncoDiscover CTC liquid biopsy technology uses highly dispersed smart materials that interact with cancer cells by targeting epithelial cell adhesion molecules (EpCAM), an antigen that is overexpressed in epithelial cancer cells.


‘Our test is the first clinically developed CTC tool and will soon be approved in India,’ says company founder Jayant Khandare, who previously worked at Piramal Life Sciences and is now at the Maharashtra Institute of Technology in Pune. ‘We are one of a few companies in the world that have developed this technology. We will be able to offer this test for less than $100 [£76], when similar tests in the US cost around $2500. Moreover, we can deliver the test results in less than four hours, compared to seven days [for existing tests].’  

By Priyanka Das, Pune Mirror

Incubated in Pashan, Actorius Innovations devises tests for early detection of Cancer in secondary stage.


The technology, developed by Actorius Innovations and Research Private Limited incubated at Pashan-based Venture Centre, will enable doctors monitor the efficacy of their treatments and make changes to the dose if necessary. Clinical trials with 250 patients from Aurangabad were completed a couple of months ago, while more than 500 patients will go through clinical trials across Pune and Mumbai shortly.




Researchers have shown that they could efficiently capture and simultaneously filter out the circulating tumor cells (CTCs) permanently from cancer patients' whole blood, which otherwise could gain access into the blood and invariably cause metastasis.

Hari Pulakkat, Economic Times

If a tumour is not metastatic, cancer would be curable in most cases. It is the phenomenon of metastasis, where cancer cells leave the primary tumour and park themselves in other organs of the body that makes cancer impossible to treat. While we do not have a drug to treat metastasis, it is not easy to catch the phenomenon early either. Tests like Positron Emission Tomography (PET) can detect secondary tumours only when they reach a certain size. 

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